acial movement

The ambition of a high quality test and software offer


Leader of Software testing’s pure players

A fifteen-years-old expertise in software testing

The unique status of a trusted third party in every projects


acial’s organization focuses on clients and consultants.

Departmental managers are as close as possible to clients & consultants. They do their best to:

  • Offer the best services to meet your needs
  • Recruit and watch out for their consultants’ career
  • Ensure to keep projects on track

A department dedicated to training, audit and consulting/consultancy:

  • Training at the Test University
  • Expertise missions: audit, coaching
  • Consulting for departments and subsidiaries: bid management, project support

Cross-functional services to support departments and subsidiaries:

  • Administrative assistance
  • Training and skills development
  • Marketing and communication


acial adds value to its clients’ offers and gives the best career’s opportunities to its employees

Our strategy can be summarized in three main points:

  • Stengthen our leading position amongs software testing pure players
  • Join the 3 top software testing services Swiss providers

acial will meet these goals by focusing on growth and excellence strategies:

  • Gain access to more significant and critical projects
  • Increase our local and international presence
  • Innovate in order to keep meeting markets’ needs
  • Develop employees’ skills through trainings and certifications.



eminent degree of perfection

Essential to carry out a software testing project

the process of innovating, introducing one or several new things, bringing significant change in a situation, in a custom, in any domain

Inferred by the constant concern of improving processes

great soul’s emotion thought to derive from inspiration

Needed to spread best practices to every stakeholder

tranquility, calm, no disturbances or unrest

Brought by our team to our clients’ projects managers
0qualified consultants
0ISTQB certifications
Improve quality and performance of information systems
0annual turnover in M€


French leader of software testing’s pure players

acial results from the association of three partners with different backgrounds and careers. This diversity still defines the DNA of the company. Their experiences in consulting (Petros & Pierre) and sales (Mohamed) help them turn their passion into quality for their teams and clients.

After a fifteen-years-long fruitful collaboration, they still have the ambition to build a leading company in software testing with their team.

Accredited for ISTQB foundation
Acial Atlantic
Accredited by Fafiec for “Testing jobs”
University of test
Acial Switzerland
Accredited for ISTQB advanced Test Manager